Welcome to the translation tool. The goal of this site is to make it easy for developers to utilize crowdsourcing* to translate their apps. People may tell you that it's not the most accurate way to translate a program, but it's cheap (the low low cost of $free), and when you're on a (possibly non-existent) budget, free is a great price.

How it Works

The site is quite simple. First, you sign up. You do that all the time. It's pretty simple, and if you have a Technoized ID, you just have to log in.


Then, if you want to help translate, tell us what languages you know. If you're reading this, you probably know English, but if that's all you know, you won't be able to translate much.

Once you've let us know what languages you speak, you can get started translating. Check out the projects page to find a project you're familiar with (familiarity and context lead to better translations), or jump right in by translating random strings.

When translating a string, you'll be given the option to "vote" for an existing translation or submit your own. Allowing voting and multiple translations makes sure that incorrect strings aren't used.


If you're a developer looking to get your project translated, head over to the projects page instead, and set up one or more projects. The site is capable of importing existing translation files from various formats, so importing your strings should be easy. If your format is unsupported, that's fine too; you'll just have to add your strings by hand.

Then, encourage your users to come translate. Having translators who are familiar with your project leads to more accurate translations.

Next: ?????

Afterwards, profit! Once users have translated your strings and the average confidence level is high enough, export your strings to various formats and drop them right into your app.